Graduates, Stop Blaming Your School.

I skimmed over a link I found via my Facebook newsfeed earlier that was a letter an angry graduate wrote to his alma mater. Long story short  (from what I read anyways – like I said, I simply skimmed it), the individual is pissed off because the University sent him a fancy pamphlet asking him for donations. How dare they ask him for money, when they gave him a degree two years ago and he doesn’t have a job, even though he sends dozens of resumes out each month. At the end he calls his education “imaginary.”

Ok, so I have a lot of issues with letters and people like this. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard an argument like this, and I’m sure it won’t be the last, but I want to say my peace.

First, by no means do I believe that Universities always spend their money in the most logical or useful ways. The people who run Universities are humans, and humans make mistakes. If the letter was simply about the amount of money spent on pamphlets asking for money being too much (and there was evidence to prove that it didn’t generate more money), then ok. Understandable frustration. Rationally explain your issue (because, if your issue is that the University is irrationally spending money, then your argument better be rational), and offer a solution.

Second, Universities do not “give” degrees. Students earn them. There is a big difference in what’s being said in those sentences, and if you can’t see that then I would venture to say that perhaps you didn’t truly earn it after all.

And my largest point: If you do not have a job, it is not your University’s fault. This generation is so ridiculously set on placing blame on everyone else, and not taking ownership of their lives. An education doesn’t entitle you to a job. A degree doesn’t automatically make employers want to hire you. How many other people have the same degree as you? If there are 5 people up for a job (and let’s be real, there are going to be more than 5), and you all have the same degree, 80% of those people will not get the job. Does that mean that the degrees of those 4 people are worthless and the Universities they acquired them from are to blame? And what’s do be said about the person who got the job? Is it the University’s accomplishment? I’ve never heard of someone get a job and give all the credit to their education and the school who “gave” it to them. People are so quick to pass blame when bad things happen, and then take all of the credit when things are good.

If you don’t make the most of your college degree. If you spend your time ‘living the college dream’ and simply passing through the motions. If you submit the same resume over and over again. If you are unwilling to work hard, adapt, edit, and admit that you are not entitled, then it’s no wonder you aren’t getting hired. I wouldn’t offer you a job either.

Perhaps the issue isn’t the school, it’s you. Once you realize that, maybe you’ll earn a job.


**Side note: I don’t think everyone without a job is at fault for that. It’s a tough market out there, and it can take awhile to land a job. I understand it’s hard. After I earned my bachelor’s degree I got a job working part-time as a Housekeeper, and then at a retail store. Be angry at the job market. Be persistent. Be willing to compromise. But don’t blame your school. Your life is your choice, if you don’t like how things are going, you have the power to adapt.  


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I’m a writer who seldom writes anything other than e-mails, to-do lists, and thank you cards. When I do post on here, I write to clarify my thoughts, reflect, share, and learn. Since I’m a bit of a Type A personality, most posts will be related to work: Residence Life/Student Affairs.
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